Winter Morning

By Alexander Pushkin (1799 – 1837)

(Originally written in Russian)

Frost and sun—the day is wondrous!
You still are slumbering, charming friend.
It’s time, O Beauty, to awaken:
Open your eyes, now in sweetness closed,
To meet the Northern Dawn of Morning
Yourself a northstar do you appear!

Last night, remember, the storm scolded,
And darkness floated in the clouded sky;
Like a yellow, clouded spot
Through the clouds the moon was gleaming,—
And sadly you were sitting—
But now through the window cast a look:

Stretched beneath the heavens blue
Carpet-like magnificent,
In the sun the snow is sparkling;
Dark alone is the wood transparent,
And through the frost gleams green the fir,
And under the ice the rivulet sparkles.

Fully lighted with diamond splendor
Is your chamber, with merry crackle
The wood is crackling in the oven.
To meditation invites the sofa.
Why not order the brownish mare
Harnessed to the sleigh?

Over the morning snow we gliding
Trust we shall, my friend, ourselves
To the speed of the eager steed;
Visit we shall the fields forsaken,
The woods, dense but recently,
And the banks so dear to me.