The Secret

“Joshua, have you seen Mike Alan at school? Dad said he’s walking around.”

Joshua smiled. “I have seen him,” Joshua said, keeping the unbelievable reality to himself.

“All the moms are talking about it. They are all full of theories about how it happened.” Joshua played it cool as his mom continued. “Cecile was going on about how the body can just heal itself, that he must have been using supplements and oils to help his body heal.”

“What?” Joshua interrupted, agitated.

“Yep, and Diane was talking about bio-energy healing. I didn’t know what she was talking about, but she pointed out that’s how they show it in the movies, someone laying their hands on someone and healing them. You know, how they can transfer their life force to each other. Apparently, that’s a real thing.”

Joshua was on his feet. “No, mom. That’s not a real thing. That’s an imitation of the real thing. Only God heals. God healed Mike. No one else. Jesus gets the glory.”

“Calm down. What’s gotten into you? Since when have you seen God get someone up out of a wheelchair? I’ve been in church my whole life, and I’ve never seen anything like that. God didn’t heal my mother when we were praying for her. Mike doesn’t even go to church. Why would God heal him and not my mother when she was dying last year? That makes less sense.”

Joshua was angry and walked away so he wouldn’t fight with his mom. He put on his headphones, flopped in bed, and started praying.

“Lord? What do I do? Should I tell her?”

Joshua closed his eyes and listened to music for a while. Then he rolled over and grabbed his Bible, wishing God would tell him what to do. He remembered that Jesus knew what to do because He did what He saw the Father doing. Joshua prayed, “Show Yourself to Me. Let me see who You are and what You’re doing, so I can follow You like Jesus.” It was another powerful heart cry.