The After Word

One question kept pestering me as I prayed over this book.

I wrote the original version of the book in January of 2021, but then over the following months, I prayed and edited and crafted the story as I felt God was leading. I originally wrote the story with an ID chip being implanted into everyone. But here was my question: why would it be different for end times Christians than for others? It led me to take out a physical mark and purposefully make it much vaguer. Christians aren’t saved differently in the end times than any other time. Christians don’t live by different requirements in the end times. No one is saved by not taking the mark. We aren’t saved by works.

Christians have always been marked. We’re marked with Christ by submitting to Him and receiving the seal of the Holy Spirit.

The story of Hanukah is about Jewish believers, before Christ’s time on earth, who refused to be marked by eating pork and worshiping the Greek gods. They were killed for being marked by their faith in God.

Believers in communist countries like Romania and China have been tortured and killed, even in my lifetime, because they were marked for Christ and refused to receive the mark of the world. While others joined the government-sponsored churches and still called themselves Christians, true believers who were surrendered to Christ alone, withstood horrific treatment and were willing to die to glorify their God.

Christians trying to identify the mark of the beast in order to avoid it are missing the point entirely. That’s keeping your eyes on Satan instead of on Jesus. The mark is Satan’s agenda, not God’s. You do something or don’t do something because of how God is leading you, because of what you see the Father doing. It has nothing at all to do with what Satan is doing.

We’re marked now. We’re marked today. How you are living today marks you. Who you are surrendered to today marks you. God doesn’t need an identification mark to know whose are His.

While the lesson of The King Will Make a Way is that you can trust that God is taking care of you no matter what’s going on around you, the lesson in The Trumpet and the Swan is that all we need to do is know Him. Seek Him, walk with Him, and you can’t end up in the wrong place. You won’t get lost if you are by His side. Having a relationship with Jesus will guide you through any tribulation. We are to set our hearts on Him, not on knowing what to do so that we can take control of the situation for ourselves.

The New Testament tells us the Antichrist is already in the world. He’s been around since the garden, tempting humans to the same sin of wanting to be their own god. As David Wilkerson would say: “Every heart has a christ on its throne. It’s either Christ or antichrist.” You will love the one and hate the other. You love God or you love the world. Anyone who thinks they can have it both ways doesn’t worship the true God but one they’ve created in their own image.

Get to know the true God by studying God’s Word for yourself. To know Him is eternal life. There’s no life waiting for you without it.