The Adventures of Jimmy Skunk Chapter 4

Jimmy Skunk Is Very Mad Indeed

When Jimmy Skunk is angry
Then every one watch out!
It’s better far at such a time
To be nowhere about.

Jimmy Skunk was angry this time and no mistake.  He was just plain mad, and when Jimmy Skunk feels that way, no one wants to be very near him.  You know he is one of the very best-natured little fellows in the world ordinarily.  He minds his own business, and if no one interferes with him, he interferes with no one.  But once he is aroused and feels that he hasn’t been treated fairly, look out for him!

And this time Jimmy was mad clear through, as he got to his feet and shook himself to see that he was all there.  I don’t know that any one could blame him.  To be wakened from a comfortable nap by being rolled over and over and shaken nearly to death as Jimmy had been by that wild ride down the hill in the old barrel was enough to make any one mad.  So he really is not to be blamed for feeling as he did.

Now Jimmy can never be accused of being stupid.  He knew that an old barrel which has been lying in one place for a long time doesn’t move of its own accord.  He knew that that barrel couldn’t possibly have started off down the hill unless some one had made it start, and he didn’t have a doubt in the world that whoever had done it, had known that he was inside and had done it to make him uncomfortable.  So just as soon as he had made sure that he was really alive and quite whole, he looked about to see who could have played such a trick on him.

The first person he saw was Reddy Fox.  In fact, Reddy was right close at hand.  You see, he had raced down the hill after the barrel to see who was in it when he heard the strange noises coming from it as it rolled and bounded down.  If Reddy had known that it was Jimmy Skunk, he would have been quite content to remain at the top of the hill.  But he didn’t know, and if the truth be known, he had hopes that it might prove to be some one who would furnish him with a good breakfast.  So, quite out of breath with running, Reddy arrived at the place where the old barrel had broken to pieces just as Jimmy got to his feet.

Now when Jimmy Skunk is angry, he doesn’t bite and he doesn’t scratch.  You know Old Mother Nature has provided him with a little bag of perfume which Jimmy doesn’t object to in the least, but which makes most people want to hold their noses and run.  He never uses it, excepting when he is angry or in danger, but when he does use it, his enemies always turn tail and run.  That is why he is afraid of no one, and why every one respects Jimmy and his rights.

He used it now, and he didn’t waste any time about it.  He threw some of that perfume right in the face of Reddy Fox before Reddy had a chance to turn or to say a word.

“Take that!” snapped Jimmy Skunk.  “Perhaps it will teach you not to play tricks on your honest neighbors!”

Poor Reddy!  Some of that perfume got in his eyes and made them smart dreadfully.  In fact, for a little while he couldn’t see at all.  And then the smell of it was so strong that it made him quite sick.  He rolled over and over on the ground, choking and gasping and rubbing his eyes.  Jimmy Skunk just stood and looked on, and there wasn’t a bit of pity in his eyes.

“How do you like that?” said he.  “You thought yourself very smart, rolling me down hill in a barrel, didn’t you?  You might have broken my neck.”

“I didn’t know you were in that barrel, and I didn’t mean to roll it down the hill anyway,” whined Reddy, when he could get his voice.

“Huh!” snorted Jimmy Skunk, who didn’t believe a word of it.

“I didn’t.  Honestly I didn’t,” protested Reddy.  “I ran against the barrel by accident, chasing Peter Rabbit.  I didn’t have any idea that any one was in it.”

“Huh!” said Jimmy Skunk again.  “If you were chasing Peter Rabbit, where is he now?”

Reddy had to confess he didn’t know.  He was nowhere in sight, and he certainly hadn’t had time to reach the dear Old Briar-patch.  Jimmy looked this way and that way, but there was no sign of Peter Rabbit.

“Huh!” said he again, turning his back on Reddy Fox and walking away with a great deal of dignity.

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