Poems by Mother Goose 1

Poem 1

Curly Locks! Curly Locks! Wilt thou be mine.
Thou shalt not wash dishes, nor yet feed the swine;
But sit on a cushion and sew a fine seam,
And feed upon strawberries, sugar, and cream!

Poem 2

Mollie, my sister, and I fell out
And what do you think it was about?
She loved coffee, and I loved tea,
And that was the reason we couldn’t agree.

Poem 3

Long legs, crooked thighs,
Little head, and no eyes.
(a pair of tongs)

Poem 4

Three blind mice, see how they run!
They all ran after the farmer’s wife,
Who cut off their tails with the carving knife.
Did you ever see such fools in your life?
Three blind mice!