Page 24

You know the Bible says to owe no one anything but love, so you don’t want to go into debt. Samir is disappointed but cheers up the next day when you buy all the shirts. He hangs around asking lots of questions. Mirche speaks with him and tells him about his church in Skopje.

He invites Samir to the evening service that night, but he doesn’t show up.

The next day you see him hanging around again. It’s your last day of work. You really need to get finished this morning. This afternoon is the grand opening event.


Do you assume his only interest in you is your money and keep away?  Go to page 22.

Do you greet him and invite him to hang around again? Go to page 25.


Picture in book:

There was a house church in that home on the right. There are four houses in this picture!