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Mirche is happy to support the boys for their diligence in working. He grabs some coins he keeps handy and rolls down his window. As the light turns green, he hands it to the boy and pulls off.

“Those are Roma,” he explains to the group. “I am Macedonian. Most Macedonians are Orthodox Christians. Most Roma and Albanians are Muslim. The Roma are very poor. They aren’t very educated because the government doesn’t provide bussing and they only have the lower-level schools in their neighborhoods. Many people discriminate against them and they have a hard time getting jobs.”


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Suzana with two of her children and a grandson – They lived in this local trash dump in a home they built from scraps. They had to walk a mile to fetch water, yet it was important to them to keep clean. Their “house” was always immaculate. She’s the only person I ever got to baptize myself. She later moved to a permanent home.