Chapter 9


Jeffry’s teenage son came around to the back of the house playing on his Game Boy.

“Let me have a turn.” Christopher grabbed at it, but Jason held it up high out of his reach.

“Jason, put that away please.” Jeffry directed his son. “You are being rude to all these people here that you could be talking to.”

Jason looked around and mumbled, “Sorry,” as he slipped the game into his pocket.

“Computers,” George mumbled. “I never bought one and it’s going to stay that way.”

“You’re missing out, Grandpa,” Jeffry said. “Kimberly and I use it to write to each other. No more waiting for mail. You get your letter the same day, the same minute.”

“People have forgotten how to wait. It’s a lost virtue. That’s why everyone is in debt in this country. They don’t know how to wait for something good. Everything has changed, but is it better? Computers and the internet may solve problems, but they create problems. So much has changed. The world has gotten smaller and yet bigger at the same time. That iron curtain came down, democracy has spread and is spreading, but is it that really God’s intention?

“I used to think freedom came from fighting for a country’s ideals, democracy, liberty, but I’ve learned these few years I’ve been around that true freedom only comes from submission to God’s will. I know Jason that probably makes no sense to you, but the sooner you find it true, the better it will go for you.”

“Dad,” Betty said, “don’t you think anything has gotten better with time?”

“I guess I have to admit some things have. I bet someday we’ll have a black man as president. And you all, my family has gotten better with age, the bigger the better. Thank you for all the years you’ve cared for me and each other. Love each other. Love the Lord. ”

George looked around at his family. “Oh!” George exclaimed. “I forgot the most important news of the century. President Bush doesn’t like broccoli! I always knew I was right about that stuff.”

Everyone laughed. George smiled and closed his eyes.


Other news in the world…

• 1980 Rubik’s Cube became popular
• 1980 US failed to rescue hostages in Tehran
• 1988 Pan Am 103 is bombed
• 1989 Students were massacred in China’s Tiananmen Square
• 1989 Berlin Wall fell
• Expressions: dude, shop ‘til you drop, wannabes, to have an attitude about something, read my lips, just say no

• 1990 Hubble Telescope was launched into space
• 1990 Nelson Mandela was freed
• 1991 Soviet Union collapsed
• 1993 race riots in Los Angeles
• 1997 scientists clone sheep
• 1999 students at Columbine High School shot and killed fellow students
• Expressions: get a life, to dis someone, the mother of all