McGuffey Reader and Poetry Story 56


  1. Though “No” is a very little word, it is not always easy to say it; and the not doing so, often causes trouble.
  2. When we are asked to stay away from school, and spend in idleness or mischief the time which ought to be spent in study, we should at once say, “No.”
  3. When we are urged to loiter on our way to school, and thus be late, and interrupt our teacher and the school, we should say, “No.” When some schoolmate wishes us to whisper or play in the schoolroom, we should say, “No.”
  4. When we are tempted to use angry or wicked words, we should remember that the eye of God is always upon us, and should say, “No.”
  5. When we have done anything wrong, and are tempted to conceal it by falsehood, we should say, “No, we can not tell a lie; it is wicked and cowardly.”
  6. If we are asked to do anything which we know to be wrong, we should not fear to say, “No.”
  7. If we thus learn to say, “No,” we shall avoid much trouble, and be always safe.

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