McGuffey Reader and Poetry Story 29


1. Remember, child, remember,
That God is in the sky;
That He looks down on all we do,
With an ever-wakeful eye.

2. Remember, oh remember,
That, all the day and night,
He sees our thoughts and actions
With an ever-watchful sight.

3. Remember, child, remember,
That God is good and true;
That He wishes us to always be
Like Him in all we do.

4. Remember that He ever hates
A falsehood or a lie;
Remember He will punish, too,
The wicked, by and by.

5. Remember, oh remember,
That He is like a friend,
And wishes us to holy be,
And happy, in the end.

6. Remember, child, remember,
To pray to Him in heaven;
And if you have been doing wrong,
Oh, ask to be forgiven.
7. Be sorry, in your little prayer,
And whisper in his ear;
Ask his forgiveness and his love.
And He will surely hear.

8. Remember, child, remember,
That you love, with all your might,
The God who watches o’er us,
And gives us each delight;
Who guards us ever through the day,
And saves us in the night.

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