McGuffey Reader and Poetry Story 22


  1. A dispute once arose between the Wind and the Sun, as to which was the stronger.
  2. To decide the matter, they agreed to try their power on a traveler. That party which should first strip him of his cloak, was to win the day.
  3. The Wind began. He blew a cutting blast, which tore up the mountain oaks by their roots, and made the whole forest look like a wreck.
  4. But the traveler, though at first he could scarcely keep his cloak on his back, ran under a hill for shelter, and buckled his mantle about him more closely.
  5. The Wind having thus tried his utmost power in vain, the Sun began.
  6. Bursting through a thick cloud, he darted his sultry beams so forcibly upon the traveler’s head, that the poor fellow was almost melted.
  7. “This,” said he, “is past all bearing. It is so hot, that one might as well be in an oven.”
  8. So he quickly threw off his cloak, and went into the shade of a tree to cool himself.
  9. This fable teaches us that gentle means will often succeed where forcible ones will fail.

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