Fourth Two Sections

bare foot ed              cov ered                   prick ly
threw                         cor ners                    pears
same                          moc ca sins              true


Sacajawea showed the captains how to make friends with the Indians.
The Indians on the upper Missouri River and in the Rocky Mountains
showed that they wanted to be friends in the same way.4
When they saw strangers, they stood still and talked to each other.
If they wished to be friends, the chief walked out ahead of his people.
He took off his blanket.
He took hold of it by two corners.
He threw it up high.
Then he put it on the ground.
This showed that he was putting down a skin for a friend to sit on.
4.1He did this three times.
Then the strangers came up to him.
They sat down together.
They took off their moccasins.
This showed that they wished to be true friends.
If they were not true friends, they would go barefooted all their days.
They thought it hard to go barefooted.
The ground was covered with prickly pears.
The prickly pears would hurt their feet.

great           pres ents              smoked
pipes           send                     Wash ing ton

When the strangers had their moccasins off, they smoked some pipes
Then they gave each other presents.
Then they told each other why they had come together.
Captain Lewis and Captain Clark always told the Indians:

“We have come from the Great Father in Washington.
He sends you these presents.
He wants you to be friends with the white men.
He wants you to be friends with the other Indians.
When you all are friends, the men can get many animals and the women can
get many roots.
The Great Father will send you out the white men’s goods when you are
all friends.”

The Indians always said to Lewis and Clark:

“We are glad to hear from the Great Father in Washington.
We like his presents.
We shall be glad to get the white men’s goods.
We will be friends with all men with Indians and with white men.”

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