Blind Bartimeus / Forgiveness

Blind Bartimeus

By George MacDonald (1824 – 1905)

As Jesus went into Jericho town,
Twas darkness all, from toe to crown,
About blind Bartimeus.
He said, “My eyes are more than dim,
They are no use for seeing him:
No matter–he can see us!”

“Cry out, cry out, blind brother–cry;
Let not salvation dear go by.–
Have mercy, Son of David.”
Though they were blind, they both could hear–
They heard, and cried, and he drew near;
And so the blind were saved.

O Jesus Christ, I am very blind;
Nothing comes through into my mind;
‘Tis well I am not dumb:
Although I see thee not, nor hear,
I cry because thou may’st be near:
O son of Mary, come!

I hear it through the all things blind:
Is it thy voice, so gentle and kind–
“Poor eyes, no more be dim”?
A hand is laid upon mine eyes;
I hear, and hearken, see, and rise;–
‘Tis He! I follow him!



By George MacDonald

God gives his child upon his slate a sum–
To find eternity in hours and years;
With both sides covered, back the child doth come,
His dim eyes swollen with shed and unshed tears;
God smiles, wipes clean the upper side and nether,
And says, “Now, dear, we’ll do the sum together!”