Answering the Call Chapter 2

World Books

“Found it!” Joshua exploded.

“What did you find?” asked Rebecca.

“The CD we should buy for the Taylors,” Joshua explained.

“Can I see?” Rebecca walked over to Joshua. He handed her the CD. “Oh, this is a good one. You did a great job picking. Want to see what yarn I picked to use for Susanna’s hat?”

“Sure,” replied Joshua. Rebecca picked up a purple ball of yarn and tossed it to Joshua. “They’ll love it,” Joshua said with a smile.

“Thanks,” Rebecca said and smiled back at him.

Mom turned around from her work at the desk. “Let’s get going on school for today. You two can do your math and reading after lunch. This morning why don’t you get out your world books and start working on adding Macedonia to it.”

“Yes!” Joshua cheered. He bounced to the book shelf and pulled off a blue three-ring binder. “I’ll get yours too,” he called over his shoulder to Rebecca. He pulled a red binder off the shelf.

“I’ll get some paper.” Rebecca walked over to the desk and got out two pieces of plain white paper and two pieces of lined paper. She opened the bottom desk drawer and pulled out a three-hole punch. She carefully lined up the plain paper and placed it in the hole punch. She pressed down. Now each paper had three holes in it. “Joshua, could you go get construction paper from the kids’ room?”

“Sure,” Joshua said as he scooted out of the living room. He was back in a flash with two pieces of green construction paper.

“I’ll put holes in these too,” Rebecca said as she took the paper from Joshua. “Now we’re all set Mom.”

“Good. Now where is Macedonia going to go in your book?” Mom asked in her teacher voice.

Rebecca and Joshua flipped through their binders. Every time they learned about a country they put what they learned in their world books. Each piece of construction paper had the name of a country on it. They kept all the countries in order from A to Z.

“It goes here!” Joshua was the first to find the spot. “It goes in between Holland and Niger.”

“Is that right, Rebecca?” Mom asked.

“Yep. He’s got it right,” Rebecca responded.

“Write Macedonia on your construction paper and put that in your binders to mark the spot where you’ll put everything we collect about Macedonia. Do you remember how to spell it?”

Joshua went over to the computer to check the email to make sure he got all the letters in the right place. The kids placed their green papers in their binders.

“We got that done, Mom. Can I get out the atlas?” Rebecca asked.

“I think that would be a good first step,” Mom answered.

Joshua was already on the job and got the atlas off the bookshelf. He sat on the floor across from the other boys who were playing a matching game. Joshua started flipping through it. Rebecca sat down next to him. She straightened out her skirt as Joshua looked for Macedonia.

“Here’s a map,” Joshua announced. “Macedonia is in Europe. That’s on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean from us. Macedonia’s right above Greece.”
Rebecca had an idea. “Let’s look online for a map. We can print it out and put it in our notebooks.”

Mom spoke up. “Why don’t you finish looking through the atlas first. Find a picture of the Macedonian flag and draw it in your binders. Then you can get on the computer to see what you can learn about the country.”

“All right, Mom,” Rebecca replied. She turned back to Joshua who had already found a picture of the Macedonian flag.

“It looks like a sun!” Joshua shared with Mom. “I have a new idea! We could make this flag out of construction paper. Could we do that, Mom, and put it in our world books?”

“Sure,” Mom quickly agreed to the plan. “Anna’s waking up so I’m going to go get her and take her and your brothers outside for a bit. You can show me your books when we come back in.”

Hearing it was time to go outside, Samuel picked up the game he had started playing and shoved it back on the game shelf. He ran to start getting his shoes on. Peter followed him everywhere he went.

Rebecca and Joshua got to work on their flags. They each took a piece of red construction paper. They shared a yellow piece of paper and cut out circles and strips for the sun’s rays. They took turns using the glue to put the sun together on the red background.

“Your flag looks the best,” Joshua noticed.

“Thanks, Joshua. I think you did a really good job too. You can be first to show Mom when she comes back in.”
“Yeah! Thanks! You can show Dad first when he gets home.”

“Okay.” Rebecca was happy that she would be able to show her flag to Dad first.

“What next?” Joshua asked his big sister.

“What do we know? Let’s write what we can on our papers.”

They took out pens and their lined papers. They wrote what they knew.

Country: Macedonia
Capital: Skopje
Continent: Europe
Border Countries: Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania

“I think we’re ready to look on the internet now,” Rebecca decided. Joshua was the first to the computer and took the seat. “I guess I’ll go get another chair from the kitchen,” Rebecca said as Joshua started their search.

“Here’s the travel website we’ve looked at before for other countries. It says that the money in Macedonia is called denars. It says the people there speak Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish and Romani. It also says that almost 70% of the people there are Orthodox Christians and 30% are Muslims. What does that all mean, Rebecca?”

“Which part? All those languages just means that there are people in Macedonia who speak all those languages. Macedonian is probably the language that just about everyone knows. 70% Orthodox Christian means that most of the people living in Macedonia call themselves Christians. We can ask Grandpa if those people really worship God or just say they are Christians because they were born in Macedonia. 30% Muslim means that there are many people there who follow the rules of Islam. There’s a lot we don’t know still. Tomorrow’s Friday and Grandma Kay and Grandpa Joe will be here for dinner. We can ask them then.”
“What should we put in our books?” Joshua asked.

“Let’s write the basics for now,” Rebecca started writing and Joshua copied her list into his notebook.

Language: Macedonian
Religion: Orthodox Christian, Muslim
Money: the denar

“We still don’t know anything about the Roma,” Joshua realized. “I’m going to search the Roma now. We’re going to be staying in a Roma village.” Joshua started his search. He found out that the Roma are from India.

“That means they will have dark skin like people from India,” Rebecca pointed out.

“This article talks about the Roma being poor and being discriminated against,” Joshua told Rebecca.

“Maybe that’s why the Taylors picked them to share the Gospel with.”

“Maybe,” Joshua said and smiled at his sister. “I hope we get to tell someone about Jesus when we are there.”

“It’s hard when you don’t speak the language, but the Bible does say that we can share about God by how we live. So we’ll have to try and live like Jesus so they can see Him in us. Can we do it?” Rebecca challenged her brother with a smile.

“Yeah, we can do it. Please help us do it, God,” Joshua prayed.

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