Abroad 6


Little Lili, whose age isn’t three years quite,
Went one day with Mamma for a long country walk,
Keeping up, all the time, such a chatter and talk
Of the trees, and the flowers, and the cows, brown and white.

Soon she asked for some cake, and some chocolate too,
For this was her favorite lunch every day—
“Dear child,” said Mamma, “let me see—I dare say
“If I ask that nice milkmaid, and say it’s for you,

Some sweet milk we can get from her pretty white cow.”
Then Mamma said,
“Dear Lili, please don’t be absurd;
My darling, you cannot have chocolate now:

You know we can’t get it so far from the town.-
Come and stroke the white cow, – see, her coat’s soft as silk.”
“But, Mamma,” Lili said, “if the White cow gives milk,
Then chocolate surely must come from the Brown.”